Madac international for medical products factory is committed to manufacturing versatile medical products such as blood collection bags, drug delivery bags, infusion sets, wound drainage systems etc.
Year of Commencement
Main Office Address
Head office: fal holdings, al-orouba street, p.O.Box: 4900, riyadh: 11412; tel: +966 11 419 2990; fax +966 11 419 2239.
Core Activities
Manufacturing and sales of medical products as described above.
Country Presence
Kingdom of saudi arabia
Branch Offices
Works: durma industrial area, p.O.Box 221, riyadh 11923. Tel: +966 11 5221950/0985; fax: +966 11 5220984; email: administration@madac-int.Com
Website Address
GPS Coordinates
24°36'7.5"N / 46°8'36.0"E