FAL Holdings

Global Presence

FROM SAUDI ARABIA TO THE WORLD The FAL Group established in 1978 to address the kingdom of Saudi Arabia's need for a hospital management company, Thus General Arabian Medical and Allied Services Ltd. (GAMA) was founded.

A dynamic leadership, progressive prospect, and embracing of sophisticated advanced  technologies has make the Group to take a quantum leap and to emerge as not only one of the leading commercial Group in Saudi Arabia, but as International conglomerate of 75 companies, spanning 17 countries in the Middle East, North America and Europe, with a workforce of over 5000 persons.

The highly diversified interests of the Group include Health care, Engineering & Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Aviation, Finance & Investment, Heavy Industries, Machinery & Equipment, Hotels & Resorts, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, Food, Agriculture and Education, among others.

The ability of the Group to stay ahead of economic developments and its competitors through innovative strategies has put the Group on the lead. Expansion of existing businesses and the vision to grab new opportunities have empowered its growth.